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5 Reasons Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Incredibly Healthy

5 Reasons Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Incredibly Healthy

Despite varying opinions and debates about the dietary impacts of extra virgin olive oil, it is widely accepted that its benefits are above average. The main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet is extra virgin olive oil. The fruit’s vitamins and antioxidants are all still present because it is prepared without the use of heat or industrial refinement.

The flesh of the fruit contains olive oil. The vast majority of other oils, including canola, sunflower, sesame, and others, are found in the seeds, making extraction much more difficult. You can compare the process of extracting olive oil to “squeezing fruit juice.” Utilizing solvents and chemical refining, seed oil extraction technology is relatively new and much more aggressive.

Read on the best olive oil benefits to know why it is an incredibly healthy oil. Here are the top five elements that make extra virgin olive oil a potent health cocktail.

1. Monosaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAs)

11% of the oil is polyunsaturated, which includes omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, whereas 14% of the oil contains saturated fat. But oleic acid, which accounts for 73% of the oil’s total composition, is the fatty acid that dominates olive oil. According to studies, oleic acid lowers inflammation and may even have positive effects on cancer-related genes. Extra virgin olive oil is a good option for cooking since monounsaturated fats are resistant to high heat.

Fish, nuts, and vegetable oils, notably olive oil, which contains roughly 75% MUFAs, are all rich sources of monounsaturated fatty acids. By making cell membranes more supple and elastic, MUFAs guard against illness. It has been demonstrated that consuming these beneficial fats lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and colon cancer, especially when olive oil in cooking is used.

2. Antioxidants

One of nature’s most potent natural antioxidants, phenolic chemicals, which have been demonstrated to fight cancer cells, eliminate free radicals, and lower the risk of heart disease, are abundant in extra virgin olive oil, making it a healthy cooking oil. They are believed to be the reasons the Mediterranean diet is linked to excellent health, a lower risk of cancer and heart disease, and noticeably longer life expectancy.

4. Vitamin E and K

Vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant that defends the body against eye and skin issues, cancer, diabetes, and neurological illnesses like Alzheimer’s, is abundant in extra virgin olive oil. Because it lessens scarring and encourages healing, as well as being great for the hair, different types of olive oil are used in skin creams and lotions. Vitamin E helps shield the lungs from air pollution, according to a recent study.

Vitamin K, another fat-soluble vitamin included in olive oil, is essential for the body’s processes of calcium fixing and coagulation. It has also been demonstrated that adequate vitamin K levels help guard against insulin resistance and other cancers. A tablespoon of olive oil has around 10% of the adult daily required vitamin K intake.

5. Antibacterial qualities

Numerous elements in olive oil have the ability to prevent or eradicate dangerous germs. One of these is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which dwells in your gut and can lead to ulcers and cancer. Extra virgin olive oil combats eight strains of this bacterium, three of which are antibiotic-resistant, according to research.

According to a study, 30 grammes of extra virgin olive oil taken daily can cure 10–40% of persons of Helicobacter pylori infection in as little as two weeks.


The Mediterranean diet usually uses extra virgin olive oil for cooking, which is one of the reasons it supports such long life and good health. High concentrations of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and fat-soluble vitamins are present. Extra virgin olive oil has been demonstrated in studies to have chemicals that can prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and Alzheimer’s. Extra virgin olive oil is tasty and adds flavour to any meal in addition to being healthful. Extra virgin olive oil is delicious on its own, as ardent bread dippers are aware. Additionally, olive oil in cooking naturally enriches the taste of food. Figaro is one of the best olive oil that you can choose as a healthy cooking oil.

Extra virgin olive oil for cooking enhances the flavour of salad dressing and vegetables. Consequently, it’s simpler to consume larger amounts of those meals. For instance, a higher percentage of salad, vegetables, and fish that has been well-dressed in best olive oil can be found in the Mediterranean diet.

Source- NCBI


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