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Healthy Recipes

Olive oil from Figaro is a perfect blend of nutrition and delicacy. No matter what, if you want to make Kashmiri Pulao and Mutton Curry or Oats and Cabbage Rotis, Figaro olive oil can assist you in cooking healthy Indian recipes.
Our nutrient-rich and pleasantly flavored olive oil is an excellent source of heart-healthy monosaturated fats. At Figaro, we believe that our meals should always be equally healthy and tasty. That’s why we present a collection of our finger-licking tasty olive oil recipes for all home chefs.

Whether you need to cook a meal for a special occasion or a weekend supper, we have the perfect healthy recipes! Uncover our unique olive oil Indian recipes for excellent, nutritious cooking using Figaro’s olive oil.

Browse through our recipes to lower cholesterol right now.

Olive Oil For Cooking Healthy Recipes

Figaro olive oil is all you need to cook healthy recipes. You and your guests can experience such flavor in your low-cholesterol meals. Yeah, right! With our olive oil, now cooking low-cholesterol breakfast, lunch, or dinner has become easier than ever.

Say goodbye to oily, unhealthy food with our heart-friendly, antioxidant-rich olive oil. The health benefits of our olive oil go beyond just how delicious and finger-licking it tastes.

So, if you’re planning to cook something healthy and mouth-watering tasty, try out these olive oil Indian recipes:

Healthy Breakfast Recipes with Olive Oil

We all know how Indian breakfast can end up with oil and masalas on our fingers, right? With Figaro’s olive oil, you can now cook low-cholesterol breakfast meals with only a few drops of oil.

However, we understand how difficult it is to find and cook the perfect healthy and tasty breakfast for you or your loved one. This is where our low-cholesterol breakfast Indian recipes can come to our aid.

Below we present a range of healthy Indian breakfast recipes that will definitely bring an ocean of deliciousness to the morning table. So, check them out:

Healthy Olive Oil Non-Veg Recipes

When we talk about non-veg Indian meals, we can relate to oil and rich spices floating on the surface of the curry. Right? Well, that’s something you can avoid using Figaro’s olive oil for cooking.

With our antioxidant-rich olive oil, cook the most delicious, never-before-tasted low-cholesterol chicken recipes! We preserve your conscience for a healthy body as well as meet your desire to enjoy super-tasty meals.

How so? Only a tablespoon or less of our mineral-rich virgin olive oil can give your non-veg meals the taste you never experienced before! Explore our well-curated list of healthy olive oil non-veg recipes here:

Indian Snacks Recipes with Olive Oil

We Indians can skip our lunch or dinner, but not our snack-time with a cup of ‘Chai’ and some snacks. But our general notion of Indian snacks revolves around moong daal ke pakora and samosas, right?

Although they feel like heaven when they melt in your mouth, they aren’t a good friend to your heart. Take no worries as we bring you a list of the most tasty and healthy Indian snack recipes with olive oil.

Yes, you can still enjoy the delicacy of moong daal with our special recipes like Moong Dal Crispies or Chaat. Our olive oil will take care of your heart and keep it healthy, while our recipes will ensure your snacks are tastier than the ones you get in cafes.


● Can we use olive oil for frying?

Yes, you can use pure and extra light tasting variant of olive oil for shallow and deep frying as it has high smoking point. Extra light tasting olive oil has very light taste of olive oil and hence it does not change taste of Indian meal. Extra virgin olive oil is recommended for mild heat cooking and not for high heat cooking.

● What are some easy and healthy recipes for daily meals?

Our olive oil recipes are some of the easiest and most healthy recipes for daily meals. Finger-licking, tasty and heart-friendly, our olive oil can be used to prepare some healthy and simple-to-cook everyday meals like Paneer Masala, Puran Poli, Quick Aloo Parathas, Veggie Bajra Parathas, Healthy Bread Bhurji, Fish Curry, and Veggie Omelette. Cook these meals in no time with our quick and simple-to-follow instructions.

● What are the benefits of using olive oil in Indian recipes?

We all love Indian cuisine for its mouth-watering flavours and exotic spices. But you can further enhance the flavour of your favourite Indian recipes using olive oil. With Figaro’s olive oil, you can cook nutrient-rich, finger-licking, tasty Indian food. Rich in heart-protective monounsaturated fats., olive oil is also a powerhouse of antioxidants, which defends your heart and other organs against any harm.

● What are some easy and healthy breakfast recipes?

Making breakfast right when you’re late for the office or college can be troublesome. In all the rush, you can sometimes mess up the first meal of your day. That’s why knowing some easy and healthy breakfast recipes can always be helpful. Oats and Cabbage Rotis, Quick Aloo Parathas, Veggie Bajra Parathas, Soya Dosas, and Healthy Bread Bhurji are some nutrition-packed, super-tasty breakfast meals that you can cook in no time. Give a good start to your day by cooking your breakfast in no time with our low-cholesterol breakfast recipes.

● Can we make healthy recipes using olive oil?

From a health and environmental standpoint, olive oil is the ideal cooking fat. The CIA advises using olive oil for all types of cooking. The best, most fragrant extra virgin olive oil, which is often the most expensive, is advised for use raw, cold, or as a dipping sauce. You can use olive oil for nearly every type of recipe without breaking it. You’ll love how significantly it reduces inflammation and lower blood pressure. Also, refined olive oil has a very high smoke point and is suited for the high-temperature cooking method used in India.

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