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5 Reasons Why Olive Oil Is The Best Oil For Baby Massage

5 Reasons Why Olive Oil Is The Best Oil For Baby Massage

Baby massages are a wonderful technique to encourage your baby’s growth! They have been widely used for years; the only thing that has changed is the oil that is used. While the idea of what’s best for babies may be dominated by conventional natural oils, attention is being taken to make these oils gentler, because you don’t want your baby to catch a cold or have skin rashes with the wrong oil. You want your baby’s skin to remain soft.

Benefits of olive oil for body can be reaped by using it as a cooking oil, or olive oil for body massage.

A new-born’s delicate skin might benefit greatly from the potent natural properties of olive oil. Figaro pure olive oil is thought to be a preferable option since it offers the right balance of fatty acids and antioxidants for a baby’s skin, making olive oil for body massage perfect. We have covered the main advantages of using olive oil for baby massage.

Olive oil has a reputation for making new-born skin supple, glossy, and health – benefits of olive oil for baby massage are numerous, as is well known. It works well as a manicure lotion and is the ideal moisturiser for infant skin. The oil helps keep the skin toned and has regenerating properties for skin tissues. Regular massage has shown great results in boosting bone and muscular health among new-born.

1. All-weather Oil

There is no doubt that all mothers can appreciate this. Some oils should only be used in the summer or winter because utilising them at other times could harm your baby’s health. But with olive oil, that’s not the case. The sole factor you should take into account is how much pressure you’ll apply to your infant. Use a large amount in the winter when the skin is more likely to dry up, and a smaller amount in the summer. Keep in mind that olive oil might feel quite thick and heavy on skin that doesn’t need as much hydration. As a result, modify the amount appropriately.

2. Cradle Cap

The skin condition known as cradle cap causes layers of the baby’s scalp to become dry and flaky. Although the sight of it is unpleasant, the baby is typically not very bothered by it. Scales developed as a result of cradle cap can be removed with the aid of olive oil. Apply some olive oil to the baby’s head and massage it for 10 to 20 minutes. Use a gentle shampoo to wash and rinse the oil away, then comb the loose parts and flakes away. In just a handful of usage, you’ll start to see positive effects!

3. Diaper Rashes

You can’t help wearing diapers for the baby, but the rashes can be painful. Diaper rashes are a frequent condition that gives mothers and infants nightmares and may be very upsetting to cope with. Apply some warm olive oil to your baby’s diaper area to prevent these rashes. Try and avoid wearing diapers for your baby when at home. This may help prevent rashes from wearing diapers for long. This is one of the many benefits of olive oil for skin that mothers appreciate the most.

4. Helps Get a Good Sleep

The growth of a child’s body and brain are greatly aided by getting enough sleep. We are all aware of how deeply relaxing body massage is since it releases tension in the muscles. Babies also experience tranquil slumber after receiving an oil massage. Being a light oil, olive baby massage oil doesn’t feel heavy, and the use of olive oil for massage can help them sleep better.

5. Hair Growth

Last but not least, you do massage your baby’s hair when you use oil on them, right? Nothing works better for hair than olive oil. Olive baby massage oil aids in hair growth and renewal since it contains a lot of vitamin E. So parents, start massaging your baby’s scalp with olive oil as soon as possible if you want them to have strong, glossy hair.

Precautions While Using Olive Oil

As long as your baby’s skin isn’t dry or inflamed, it’s acceptable to occasionally use olive oil for baby massage. Olive oil includes lipids as well as vitamins E and K. It also contains a tonne of antioxidants, which may aid reduce bodily inflammation. Olive oil is a bad choice for skin care for babies, kids, and adults because it contains oleic acid. Antioxidants can reduce inflammation, but oleic acid may make it worse.

  • If your infant has eczema or skin allergies, do not apply.
  • If your baby experiences a rash after using it, stop using it.
  • Avoid regular olive oil, commonly referred to as olive oil with preservatives, as it may affect the baby’s delicate skin.


You want to make sure that your baby receives benefits from olive oil for baby massage! All seasons are wonderful for giving your infant an olive oil massage because it benefits the skin and hair in addition to other things. Make sure you select high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Figaro baby massage oil is an ideal option as the best olive oil for massage.


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